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Below, you'll find several very interesting videos on Christianity that will challenge you, encourage you, and strengthen your faith with scripture, scientific evidence, and a precise understanding of what it means to be a Christian.  You can watch them on your phone, cast them to your TV, or listen in the car!

These videos are publicly available on YouTube and are not affiliated with this website.


This page is updated frequently, so check back often for new content!

"Road Trip to Truth"

The Bible was written over the course of 1,500+ years, across 3 different continents, in 3 different languages, by 40 different authors - and it all connects to tell a singular story of salvation through the prophecied work of Jesus Christ.   The Bible's origin would be impossible without the divine inspiration of God.  Road Trip to Truth offers thoughtful, practical answers to the most common questions and objections of Christianity.

How Did Life Begin?

Pain and Suffering Proves the Existence of God

Four Proofs the Bible is True

Why is God Hiding?

Can You Trust the Bible?

Can All Religions Be Right?

"The Atheist Delusion"

This thought-provoking documentary from Living Waters examines compelling scientific evidence of God's existence - and why so many people refuse to accept it.

"American Gospel"

TV channels are filled with an endless supply of outrageous preachers that claim you can have health and prosperity if you become a Christian (and of course, send them a generous financial contribution).   American Gospel compares some of today's most popular teachings on  Christianity with the pages of scripture to discover what the Bible actually says about health, wealth, and how to find true and lasting fulfillment in Christ.


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"Dealing with Ongoing Sin"

Paul Washer outlines several important biblical principles to help Christians escape from the struggle of ongoing sin and pursue a life of holiness for the glory of God.

"Crazy Bible"

The Bible is filled with stories that sound too sensational to ever be true.  Discover why God intentionally chose to bring a message that seems intellectually foolish to the world.

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