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Our Mission

The purpose of this website is simple: provide a faithful biblical presentation of the Gospel of Christianity, along with free resources to help Christians grow in their faith.  We hold to the Second London Baptist Confession of 1689 and the Baptist 2000 Faith and Message.  We have a desire to see souls saved through the faithful proclamation of sound doctrine around the world.

How You Can Help

Please pray that God would use this ministry to draw people unto Himself.  Please also join us in spreading the Good News of Jesus Christ by sharing this website with others!

You can share this website a number of ways:

•Share on Social Media with the following URL and Official Graphics: (Official Graphics Provided Below)


•Tell Fellow Church Members So They Can Share


•Place "" on Your Church's Sign


•Place Social Media Graphics on Your Church's Projector Screen Before Worship


•Place Social Media Graphic on Your Church's Website with a Link

•Place Social Media Graphic in Your Church's Bulletin


•Purchase Billboards in Your Town (Billboard Assets Coming Soon)

When promoting, you agree to only use the official graphics below in good faith in the manners as described above, and promise to not alter them in any way.  You promise to never use or sell them for profit, or sell printed merchandise promoting  You also agree to never act as an affiliate or representative on behalf of  For questions regarding promotional usage, please click here to send us a message. 

Additional promotional resources will be available in the future!

Click the "download" buttons to download the full-resolution versions of each graphic.  Please do not click and save the images directly from this page, as they are only low-resolution previews. 

Social Media Graphic A
(1920x1080, Also Compatible with HD Projectors & TVs)
Social Media Graphic B
(1920x1920, Compatible with Older 4:3 Projectors, Square Ratio)
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